[PowerShell] Different ways to fin last boot up time of remote Windows.


I added the obvious, basic examples below, and even an example function, for those with simpler needs.

What this article is mostly about: For some reason you find yourself wanting to know when a range of servers or workstations were last booted. Here you will find a way of doing it both simply and more advanced against a range of target computers.

I researched the topic a little before writing this article, and I saw various more or less sane ways of determining the last boot-up time, but what I'll be demonstrating here is with WMI from PowerShell, which I think should be a sane approach in most scenarios.

The last time I needed this was when we were deploying some software via a GPO startup script and wanted to see which computers were supposed to have run the script. I already knew about the LastBootUpTime property in the Win32_OperatingSystem class, and considered rolling some one-liners, but realized the very WMI wrapper I had already written would be ideal for taking care of most of the dirty work - and to produce an XML report of the collected data. Later this XML report is turned into CSV and finally we get a readable report.

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[Powershell] Configurer adressage IP

La ligne de commandes – notamment PowerShell – étant de plus en plus utilisée sous Windows, il peut être intéressant pour vous les administrateurs de savoir effectuer la configuration de base à partir de celle-ci.

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Problème d'installation de l'interface graphique Windows 2012 core


Ci-dessous un lien très intéressant expliquant comment contourner le problème d'installation de la GUI sur un 2012 core.

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