[VMware] Virtual Computing Environment VCE vBlock

VCE (abbreviation for "Virtual Computing Environment") was a division of EMC Corporation that manufactured converged infrastructure appliances for enterprise environments. Founded in 2009 under the name Acadia, it was originally a joint venture between EMC and Cisco Systems, with additional investments by Intel and EMC subsidiary VMware. EMC acquired a 90% controlling stake in VCE from Cisco in October 2014, giving it majority ownership.1

At the beginning of 2016, VCE was fully integrated into EMC and became the Converged Platform Division of EMC. On September 7, 2016, EMC was acquired by Dell. The Converged Platform Division of EMC is currently known as the Converged Platform and Solutions Division of Dell EMC. The company initially manufactured converged datacenter units known as Vblock, which incorporate Cisco servers and networking hardware, EMC storage systems, and VMware for virtualization.2 Later, VxBlock was added providing the ability for customers to run VMware NSX.

In 2015, VxRack and in 2016 VxRail were added as separate products.


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